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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Katie Nasoff 

Dr. Katie Schwartz Nasoff is a board certified orthodontist who grew up right here in Pasadena. She attended Clairbourn
School followed by the Westridge School for Girls. Dr. Katie decided to follow in her father Dr. Michael Schwartz (local
plastic surgeon and ENT)’s footsteps and studied biology at UC Berkeley. Dr. Katie earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery
degree from the USC School of Dentistry, where she graduated with honors, receiving multiple awards including an
award for the highest academic achievement as well as the Student Recognition by the Dean award for outstanding
service and contribution to the dental school. Dr. Katie attended orthodontic residency at USC where she received a
master’s degree in craniofacial biology. Graduating at the top of her residency class, she was awarded the Harry L.
Dougherty Award for clinical excellence.  In her free time Dr. Katie enjoys spending time with her and Dr. Cory’s two
young boys and Goldendoodle dog, Berkeley. She enjoys cycling, running and yoga classes and takes any opportunity to
go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

Dr. Cory Nasoff 

Dr. Cory Nasoff, a board certified orthodontist, is a San Diego native who spent his childhood in aquatic sports and went
on to play water polo at UC Berkeley, where he became a 3-Time All-American water polo player. He then played
professionally in Australia and Europe. After retiring from his water polo career, he attended USC Dental School where
he served as the President of the Dental School and graduated with honors, also received numerous awards, was the
valedictorian of his class and received the prestigious Dean’s award. After that he completed the Orthodontic Residency
Program at USC where he acted as the chief resident and received the Chairman’s award. He is a friendly, passionate
and hardworking orthodontist. In his free time, Dr. Cory enjoys spending time with his wife Dr. Katie and their two kids,
swimming and playing golf.

  • At The Ortho House, we believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, no matter their age. More adults are pursuing orthodontic treatment as they realize the value of straight teeth and how much life can change with the confidence of a great smile.

    With our customized treatment options of Invisalign or custom clear Lightforce braces, we tailor treatment to each individual patient, taking into consideration the soft tissue, lips, smile animation and profile as well as the health of the bones and gums before we begin treatment.

    Adult orthodontic treatment is pursued for a number of reasons including for relapse after previous treatment, to alleviate crowding, close spacing, broaden smiles, address jaw pain or pressure caused by crooked teeth and address problems with the bite. Orthodontics can be combined with orthognathic surgery for skeletal disharmonies in adult patients as well.

  • For patients that need a single phase of treatment, the teenage years are a great time for Invisalign or braces! We believe teens can do a great job with Invisalign treatment while getting great results with the most esthetic treatment option.

    We’re experts in Invisalign and understand how important esthetics can be during these formative years in a teens’ life. If Invisalign isn’t the best treatment modality for your teen we also offer clear and champagne and traditional braces. The teenage years are a great time to complete orthodontic treatment since moving teeth and correcting bite issues is best done while patients are still growing.

    Teens often feel more comfortable than adults going through orthodontic treatment since many of their peers are also getting orthodontic treatment. Teens with straight teeth and a beautiful smile will have that boost of confidence they need as they head into their young adult years.

  • The best time for kids to have an evaluation with an orthodontist is at age 7.  Not all kids would benefit from two phases of treatment but when they do Phase I can dramatically change the trajectory of future orthodontic treatment.

    Phase I treatment usually occurs during the mixed dentition when kids have both permanent and primary “baby” teeth. Rather than thinking of Phase I as “early” treatment for kids, we recommend this treatment when it’s “right on time.” Phase I treatment allows for the use of auxiliary orthopedic appliances, such as palatal expanders, to intercept bite or growth problems that may not be able to be easily treated in the future. This treatment can allow for the creation of space to avoid future extractions of teeth.
    Phase I can also treat deep bites, open bites, cross bites, underbites, and asymmetries to avoid the need for surgery in the future.

    Phase I treatment has the potential to improve kids’ confidence as they head into middle school by closing spaces and reducing flared teeth.